Balade avec les chevaux Henson à Chantilly The Henson Equestrian Center Chantilly-Apremont opens you the gates of a time travel... Balade avec les chevaux Henson dans le parc du château de Chantilly ride on the extraordinary paths of the Castle of Chantilly's park Balade avec les chevaux Henson au hameau du château de Chantilly discover these where princes and their courts came to stroll ... mythical places Balade avec les chevaux Henson dans le parc du château de Chantilly cross this ocean of greenery and the preserved nature of the Chantilly's Domain Chevaux Henson au Polo-Club d'Apremont and join the Polo-Club of Apremont to learn all the secrets of the polo... ready for your trip through time and culture?


The Henson horses at Chantilly or the advent of a dream…

The dream of an “Henson-Chantilly Equestrian Center” dates from 2004, at the time of the conduct of the Polo World Championships in Apremont, but it will take 10 years, combined with the growth and maturity of the other “Henson Equestrian Centers”, to the benevolent welcome of the Institut de France, the City of Chantilly and the Domain of Chantilly Foundation, to make this dream come true.

Today, Henson – Chantilly has been enriched by a new jewel! By forming a partnership with the Domain of Chantilly Polo Club – La Ferme d’Apremont, it also allows its riders to access the magical world of the most beautiful set of polo fields in Europe, close to Paris and Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport.

And he thus became: “Henson-Chantilly-Apremont”!

“Henson-Chantilly-Apremont” combines two privileges: that of taking you through the city and its monuments, even into the prestigious Castle of Chantilly’s park for an exclusive equestrian walk or to make you discover, in the very heart of the grounds of honor and polo training, the most fascinating of all equestrian sports in its unique forest setting. And of course, you can combine the two in “a princely day” or come to discover one after the other, each of these magical experiences!

The Henson horses are waiting for you either at “The Manse Workshop”, in the heart of the city, or at “The farm of Apremont” for one or other of our exceptional equestrian experiences. But for you, it’s simple: just specify your wish at the time of booking at a single point of contact or contact.

Welcome to the Henson Land, Chantilly – Apremont!

Balade avec les chevaux Henson au hameau du château de Chantilly Chantilly - Apremont entre Nature & Culture


Unforgettable equestrian experiences close to Paris in prestigious sites!

With the Henson horses and our passionate guides, we give you the key to an equestrian paradise half an hour from Paris (by train), to ride exclusively in some of the most magical places for a rider : the prestigious Castle of Chantilly’s park, on the one hand and the sublime courses of the Polo Club of the Farm of Apremont, on the other hand! Both less than 3 kilometers from each other as the crow flies and the rhythm of your horse!

Town & Castle of Chantilly – the world capital of racehorses for training – and / or polo universe at the Farm of Apremont, in their exceptional forest setting: two unique and complementary equestrian experiences, which you can even combine, if you want to live and discover in one day.


Everything you can dream of in these illustrious places is within your reach, from the top of your horse Henson.

The “Henson – Chantilly” experience is even more magical when you have the opportunity to straddle the whole day to discover the inexhaustible historical and natural riches, all centered on the theme of the horse, which haunts these places for so many centuries!

It is truly a total immersion that combines the pleasure of outdoor riding with the discovery of exceptional sites at different times of the day. Finally, there is the conviviality of a group formed in advance: friends, parents, seminars …, on the occasion of special events or simply for the pleasure of being together and thus to communicate with culture and nature by sharing “the Henson spirit”.

Chantilly | Discovery Day

From: 120,00  TTC

You leave for a complete immersion in a domain of exception. A lunch at the Hameau, in the heart of the Castle Park (meal price extra) comes to punctuate a morning of discovery. You can also choose an improvised picnic under its foliage that speaks to you about the pleasures of the pastoral festivals of the past. The afternoon passes too quickly to meet the forest, its training alleys racehorses or wildlife, dominated by the majesty of large cervids. An unforgettable journey of a day of riding in history and nature. Conditions: Accessible to all levels Minimum 6 people Meals not included Helmets and boots provided

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The dimension “Nature and Culture” of a successful seminar in Chantilly and its region…

In the form of a half-day outfit or an original evening, accompany your seminar with a unique encounter with Nature and Culture in Chantilly, in the company of the Henson horses!

Prestations combinées & Packages

50 km from Paris, “Henson-Chantilly-Apremont” offers a wide range of equestrian experiences specially designed for companies and groups (equi-coaching, equestrian games, treasure hunts, days and evenings, …) in partnership with the Domain of Chantilly Polo – Farm of Apremont and quality hotels in the area.

But it is also the opportunity of a weekend or a short stay to enjoy full of “Chantilly, capital of the horse”, discovering on horseback all its historical and natural riches in privileged conditions.


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The Henson-Chantilly Equestrian Center awaits you at the foot of the city center of Chantilly, in its northern border, on the small river of the Nonette.
Two car parks (paying the week) are at your disposal nearby.

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