When the marsh becomes a miracle of life…

Once upon a time there was a farm like no other, to meet the earth and the water, where gray clay grows the thick grass, where the leaves of the willows shimmer in the harsh light of changing skies, where snake shaded races, black waters furrowed with furtive fish.

A farm that has areas of Christmas Arch, as we see different animal species and where horses reign as kings.
A farm, whose meadows and reed beds are also a paradise for wildlife.
A farm, finally, made to welcome all generations, to amaze them and teach them the simple things of nature, while being in a real farm.

Open from March 31st to November 2nd from 10am to 6pm every week-end, public holidays, as well as all school holidays in France (zone B and C), Belgium and England, and by reservation for groups throughout the year.


Special offers - Haras-Henson

Haras - Henson | Cattle drive and cutting

From: 50,00  TTC

In the heart of the main breeding site for Henson horses, you will meet herds of Highland and Galloway cows, as well as Shetland and Hampshire sheep. Unique in the region!   Our guides take everyone, budding riders and experienced riders alike, for an unforgettable experience of shepherds on horseback (“cattle drive and cutting”).   Prices & Conditions: From €50 including tax per person (subject to a minimum of 5 people for validation of the date) All equestrian levels Boots and helmets included

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Special offers - Haras-Henson

Haras - Henson | Introduction to work of young horses

From: 230,00  TTC

The Haras Henson is an integral part of the journey that young 3-year-old Henson horses follow in the Henson Equestrian Centers at the different stages of breaking in, improvement and post-improvement, all over a period of 3 to 5 months. Days are open to outside riders who wish to familiarize themselves or improve in this crucial stage of the young horse's life.   Prices & Conditions: 230€ including tax per person Meals included Boots, helmet and hiking equipment provided, if necessary

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Special offers - Haras-Henson

Haras - Henson | Initiation au Tourisme Équestre

From: 230,00  TTC

Cette expérience équestre d’une journée vous permettra de vous familiariser avec les bases techniques de la randonnée à cheval, en présence de notre Responsable de formation au diplôme d’Accompagnateur de Tourisme Équestre et de ses stagiaires (si ceux-ci sont disponibles). Cette approche est particulièrement utile si vous envisagez de préparer une randonnée par vous-même ou en groupe ou si vous êtes intéressé(e) par une carrière professionnelle dans ce domaine.   Cette prestation couvre la journée de 9h à 17h30, accompagnée d’une pause-déjeuner (repas inclus).   Tarifs & Conditions: 230€TTC par personne Repas compris Bottes, casque et matériel de randonnée fournis, si besoin

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Haras-Henson | Pony rides for children

From: 22,00  TTC

In a safe and conducive environment to discover the local flora and fauna, discover to your children the joys of riding in nature! After discovering farm animals at Haras-Henson, they will be able to marvel at the richness of our estate by its wild animals (egrets, ducks, storks and crested lapwings) as well as by our pets what are our Shetland sheep and our beautiful and impressive Highland cows ... The ponies are available from 10h until 18h without interruption and can be booked for one hour. The helmet will be provided to your child so that everyone is reassured. Fees & Conditions: - each poney has to be old by an adult - children from 3 years old - during of the tour: 1 hour - 16€/poney + 6€/adult

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Haras-Henson | Riding lessons

From: 20,00  TTC

Horse nature, horse respect, horse pleasure, horse self-control ... these are the milestones of this discovery at Haras Henson Marquenterre - Farm of Saint-Jean, which will take you into the fascinating world of horses and ponies. Our instructor welcomes children from 6 years old and adults to teach them outdoor riding, from initiation to development. Different disciplines will be offered such as TREC, introduction to academic aerobatics, pony-game)

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Discovery of the Haras-Henson in hitch

From: 175,00  TTC

For non-riders, especially older people or young children accompanied, the discovery of the Haras Henson, its breeding and marshes Larronville will be at the rate of a team with two horses, guided by a passionate leader who will show them the riches of the low-fields of Marquenterre. This 1h30 walk is by reservation only.

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Introduction to cattle cutting

From: 50,00  TTC

Discover with your guide the life of a Henson horse farm, with its activities punctuated by the seasons. But it is also the initiation to the sorting of cattle on horseback that will surprise you completely! 3 hours of magical interaction with Shetland sheep and Scottish Black Face in the middle of the marsh to meet the magnificent Highland Cattle cattle with their impressive horns. A unique experience in our region, accessible to all and guaranteed pleasure! Come with family or friends, beginners or advanced riders, it is at your own pace that we will make you discover the marshes and rustic breeds.

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The hand weaving studio & gallery of the « Laines & Tissages du Marquenterre »

Groups activities

These hikes are for everyone, riders or not, beginners or confirmed and are available every day of the year, with exception, on our three “Henson Equestrian centers” You must be able to form a group of the same level of riding ( riders with little or no experience or confirmed riders) of a minimum of 6 people.

Meals are not included, but can be organized by the Equestrian Area on request (according to the menus and price ranges desired) or brought directly by the riders. In the same way, the sleeping equipment, for the Bivouac and the Ride of Two Bays, must be brought by the riders. On the other hand, we carry graciously, both meals and equipment on lunch (unless restaurant), bivouac or hiking.

We welcome you every day of the year, with a departure at 10am, 14h (and 17h in season) to make you live our passions every day. We put the necessary equipment at your disposal.

The Shepherds on horseback of Marquenterre

From: 10,00  TTC

We will introduce you to one of the most interesting and original aspects of our activities: the nursery on horseback of herds of sheep and cows, thus returning to a distant tradition, but looking to the future! This beautiful discovery in the land of horses Henson will end with a pleasant snack, also suitable for children, from our local products, prepared on site and in the vicinity, by lovers, like us, good taste and a quality work. Conditions: Group of 20 people minimum Course: easy (less than 200 meters walk)

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Team Building

From: 50,00  TTC

A truly original experience of team building, suitable for all companies looking for new ideas for their management seminars or motivation. Who would've believed that! the horse leads to everything ... and even to business management. Try to put a flock of Shetland sheep or Highland cows together on horseback! It is possible at Haras Henson Marquenterre of Saint-Jean-les-rue (Somme), in the middle of magnificent pastures, close to the Bay of Somme ... It takes a half day of "break" (3 hours in total), during which you will be safely introduced to riding Henson horses and you will participate in a cattle sorting session ("cutting" say the cowboys ...), which you will be the actresses and actors in their own right. Guaranteed pleasure. Even for beginners.

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Highway A16 – exit n ° 24.
Take the direction of Rue, Quend, Fort-Mahon-Plage. At the roundabout North of the detour of Rue, (Carrefour Market supermarket), take the small road, direction Laronville, Saint-Jean, Marais du Marquenterre.
The Haras Henson is about one kilometer on the left, after the small castle, on the road to Saint-Jean.

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