The Henson Equestrian Center – Pays de Fontainebleau

A desire to share our love for horses and nature

The creation of this “Espace Equestre Henson”, at the gates of Barbizon, at Saint-Martin-en-Bière, by the olympic rider Roger-Yves Bost and his wife Cyrille, is the story of a lifetime based on the same passion: horses.

Living since several generations at the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau with his family, Bosty built through time a relationship based on trust and complicity with his horses, training them for high level international competitions whilst using the forest as an essential tool: this appeasing environment, where the bond with the animal is ten times stronger and where both rider and horse enjoy a moment of harmony with each other.

The dream of sharing these unique moments and this relationship with nature with as most people as possible became possible thanks to a wonderful meeting: the encounter with the “Henson”, a horse with a calm and steady mind, perfectly well-adapted to outdoor riding; the encounter with one of the founders of this breed, Dominique Cocquet and his team; but also the sharing of a similar philosophy around the horse.

A wonderful escape into an exceptional environment

The Henson horses will take you through the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the forest of Fontainebleau. Inspirational land for the painters of the 19th century, hunting land for the sovereigns staying at the castle of Fontainebleau, this “Forêt d’Exception®” of 22 000 acres is an invitation to travel across the diversity of its landscape.

Every month, we create unique moments in mythical places (castle of Fontainebleau, Grand Parquet, meeting with Bosty at the stables, …). Every day on reservation, set off on one of our outdoors horse riding experiences with our discovery ride and passion ride.

Welcome to the Henson land, at the Pays de Fontainebleau!

Outdoor horse rides

Take a break at the rhythm of the Henson horses’ footsteps in the forest of Fontainebleau. Our discovery rides will open the doors of a magical universe and breath-taking nature. They are adapted to any rider, whether you are beginner or experienced. 

The passion rides will take experienced riders further along into the Henson adventure with beautiful gallops on the sand trails in the heart of the Apremont gorges.

You can also continue your experience in the evening with a sunset ride admired from the viewpoints of the Apremont gorges. Emotion guaranteed!

Emotion rides

Exclusive seasonal experiences on half-days or full days for an immersion into the “Henson – Pays de Fontainebleau” universe! Discover the historical, natural and cultural richness of this land, live the olympic dream with us during a privileged moment with Bosty, travel through time and discover the story of Barbizon and its painters…

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L’Espace Equestre Henson – Pays de Fontainebleau vous attend le long d’une petite route partant de la D64 entre Barbizon et Macherin, sur la commune de Saint-Martin-en-Bière.

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