Treat (yourself)!

By Florent | Comments: 0 | 16 December 2023

Treat (yourself)!

The end of year holidays are just around the corner! And with them, the eternal question that we all ask ourselves: what to put under the tree?

We have prepared for you a whole range of customizable gift cards which will ensure great reactions from your loved ones!

How better to start the year than to dream of riding our wonderful Henson in the most beautiful sites of Hauts-de-France and Île-de-France? Feel the salty air on your face and marvel at the infinite immensity of the berries of Somme and Authie, playing horse breeder for a day at our educational farm at Haras-Henson, feeling drawn into a journey to the confines of time where history plays out before your eyes in the grounds of the castle of Chantilly, diving into the bustling life of the forest of Fontainebleau very close to the stables of the famous Olympic rider Roger Yves-Bost or walk in the footsteps of Louis XV who, understandably, preferred the authentic charm of Compiègne and its magical forest at his residence in Versailles.


How does it work?

Operation is very simple!

You select the gift card corresponding to the destination of your choice.

You can keep the visual that we offer by default with our gift cards or replace it with your own image.

We also have pre-defined amounts but if you wish to personalize this, again, it is entirely possible.
For example, if you spot an offer that seems to you to be the ideal experience to offer to a loved one, enter this amount in the corresponding field.

All that remains is to enter the delivery information and a little note from you.

You can even choose the date your gift card will be shipped!


Paper or digital?

We have chosen to reduce our ecological footprint by no longer producing printed gift cards.

However, if you wanted to do that (and we totally understand), you can have the gift card sent directly to your email address.

Your gift card in PDF format attached to it, all you have to do is print it and slip it into an envelope to slip under the tree.


Our gift cards

All that remains is to choose your gift card from the catalog below!

Don’t worry, if you would like us to support you, contact us and we will be happy to help you.



And much more!

We have developed a whole range of products suitable for riders and lovers of the Henson breed!

From clothing to souvenirs to equipment specially designed for outdoor riding.

Here is a little preview!



Find all of the Henson Espaces Equestres products right here!


See you soon in Henson Land!


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