Henson Equestrian Centers and Equicoaching Institution

By Florent | Comments: 0 | 5 April 2023

Partnership between Espaces Equestres Henson and Institution Equicoaching


The Espaces Equestres Henson and Institution Equicoaching combine their skills in the service of personal development and the business world through the mediation of the horse!

We are delighted to announce the partnership between “Espaces Équestres Henson” and “Equicoaching Institution”.

This partnership is based on a shared vision of the horse and its unique potential for human development and group cohesion.

Henson horse breeding in Henson-Marqueterre Equestrian Center - © Agence Arcantide

We are convinced that the respectful approach to the management of horses raised in the wild, the magic of the wide open spaces in which they live and the authenticity of the “Henson campuses” are in perfect harmony with the values that “Institution Equicoaching” promotes.

This partnership will make it possible to offer a unique collaborative experience, in exceptional places in Baie de Somme / Marquenterre, as well as in Chantilly, Fontainebleau and Compiègne.

Bivouac in the Domaine du Marquenterre - © Agence Arcantide

“We believe in the value of equicoaching and in what it can bring to anyone looking for balance and performance as well as to companies. said Dominique Cocquet, founder of Espaces Equestres Henson.


“Equicoaching helps individuals develop their leadership, communication and emotional intelligence through enriching experiences mediated by horses. said Alison Hennebil and Jean-François Hénin, creators of Institution Equicoaching.

The offers offered by Institution Equicoaching are intended for managers, team cohesion as well as the personal development of managers and their employees.

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