Our purpose …

By Florent | Comments: 0 | 23 February 2021

« Our purpose … »

(Interview with Dominique Cocquet, head of the Espaces Equestres Henson)

“Our purpose is above all the satisfaction of sharing with riders who are not necessarily great experts the joy of riding in exceptional, even unique, sites.

Make them want to better ride horses and discover the happiness that results from it, as well as the conviviality between riders, “women and men on horseback”.

Put horses back in the hearts of people, in natural and cultural sites of great beauty.

To promote a breed of horses to which we have dedicated all our efforts for 40 years and which tells a very beautiful story between horses, people and a territory, at the same time as it spreads a universal message.

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In the 21st century, this message is both that of cultural continuity and tradition, but also an eminently contemporary message vis-à-vis the preoccupations of the relationship between man and nature, in an increasingly “Virtualized”, “made by the hand of man”.

This world calls out to us about our fundamental relationship with living things, in this case between man and animal, with regard to our companion from several millennia of civilization: the horse. It’s, basically, a message of seeking harmony with planet Earth.

As a result, helping to revive a true contemporary “horse” culture and permanently enabling “space – time crossings” which unite us with all the peoples of history, in all places and continents, without, however, free from economic and social rules, as well as those of safety and services required by today’s equestrian practice.

Finally, bringing to the best level the staging and consistency of our offers, which are essential for the equestrian experience to truly generate unforgettable memories.

It all takes a lot of energy, skill and attention. We will progress where we feel we are truly welcomed and where this vision is truly shared. “

Dominique Cocquet at the Plaine aux Mouflons | © Agence Arcantide

Dominique Cocquet at the Plaine aux Mouflons | © Agence Arcantide


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